Are you a dreamer – ’A visionary whose ideas and level of belief are often deemed impractical?

Welcome to COSDEF Business Development Centres: a platform designed to equip emerging entrepreneurs & future innovators with the tools to explore the full-capacity of who they can become!

At COSDEF BD Centres, we:

  • Connect the dots – develop strategies to support entrepreneurial innovations that will produce positive economic and social outcomes.
  • Advance capacity – implement systems and provide training programmes designed to create pathways for entrepreneurs to reach their goals.
  • Create an impact- develop skills, improve livelihoods and empower individuals through the sharing of educational, social and capital resources.

It takes a lot of courage, planning and confidence to start a business. Our business development support services help our clients get ahead and accomplish their business goals. We organise sessions to elicit their greatest need and help them identify, start and run profitable businesses by providing business training courses, technical assistance and other support services, such as conducting of market surveys, quotations, and many more.

Incubation Programme

The purpose of this program is to incubate 4 Micro & Subsistence Enterprises for a period of 1 year for sustainability. Preferential access will be given to COSDEC trainees. COSDEC Trainees and entrepreneurs from the community will be provided with rental space and capacity building. 

Mentoring and Coaching

The Centre provide Micro and Subsistence Enterprises with advice and guidance on running a sustainable business. The Centre defines the roles in the mentoring relationship and capacitate what it has to offer in the relationship, e.g., knowledge, skills, resources, product development, etc. The Centre ensures that each mentee has an approved mentoring agreement and make sure that the mentees business progress is monitored and evaluated during the coaching and mentorship period.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre provides access to books, publications and business tool guides, as well as daily newspapers to the public. If possible, it also offers general support services such as printing, copying, faxing and typing of documents. The centre is being used for studying purposes and for other services such as designing of business cards and logos.

SME/Entrepreneurship Training

Different types of trainings are being offered to entrepreneurs and various communities throughout the country, primarily the youth and the previously disadvantaged groups to assist them in partaking in economic activities.

The Business Support Programme (BSSP) developed by COSDEF is a comprehensive package of business support in the form of trainings, to assist entrepreneurs to conduct feasibility studies, develop business plans, and enhancing business skills through hands-on training including business monitoring, mentoring and coaching. The business support programme will be available to all emerging entrepreneurs in all regions where the COSDECs are situated.

The following activities are the basic areas where the SMEs are given assistance:

(a) Facilitate Access to and Effective Utilization of Finance

  • conduct feasibility studies and/or formulation of business plans for newly emerging entrepreneurs;
  • identify principal sources and options of funding especially for SME enterprises and in supporting the SMEs in raising the required financial resources;
  • provide training support coupled with mentoring and coaching sessions;

(b) Technical Support

  • provide assistance to entrepreneurs to diversify sourcing of their production inputs and technologies;
  • provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs and assist in establishing links with local suppliers of input materials.

(c) Marketing Services

  • provide assistance for businesses to gain access for their products and services into local markets;
  • provide assistance to SMEs to form partnerships or other forms of business ownership

(d) Training

  • develop consulting capacity and capability in the regions for effective delivery of mentoring and coaching services;
  • develop entrepreneurial attitudes, especially amongst the newly emerging SMEs who are engaged or are tending to initiate businesses based on resource availability in the various regions;
  • develop managerial and technical skills of entrepreneurs and their personnel;
  • identify training needs and provide training in areas such as quality standards, quality control, labelling, product development, bookkeeping, costing and pricing, etc.
  • assist in minimizing businesses failures and in ensuring sustainability through close monitoring and provision of mentorship and coaching services.

(e) Public Procurement

  • assist in providing training in explaining the public procurement process in order to tender for the provision of products or services.

Sylvie Nhinda
Business Development Coordinator
Email: bdcoordinator@cosdec.tsumeb.org.na


“We believe that education and entrepreneurship are the keys to uplifting socially & economically-disadvantaged communities… We believe that everyone should be equipped with the resources to explore the full range of their interests and professional ambitions… And we believe that through programs offered at our BD Centres, especially for the unemployed youth, we can empower communities to build and create “emerging” economies of innovation, wealth, & social impact!”

The success of this entrepreneurship development programme will contribute to achieving the aim of creating job opportunities for Namibians and national development in line with the aspiration of VISION 2030.