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Hairdressing Course

The programme is offered to people who want to obtain the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of hairdressing tasks. This includes applying workplace related calculations; processing incoming and outgoing phone calls; applying the principle of hairdressing science; moulding and finger waving hair; applying airwave and blow dry techniques; providing reception and administrative service; performing dreadlock techniques to hair; performing hair extensions; applying temporary hair colour service; applying tonging techniques; cutting and shaping hair into elementary styles; demonstrating hairstyling techniques and displaying, promoting and selling products; working in teams and communicating in a salon environment.

(7 months duration)
Current National Courses – Hairdressing Course
National Qualification Framework (NQF) based course

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  1. Hunter

    Hi. Could you please send me more info on the hairdressing course, costs etc. Would completing this course, help with becoming a mens barber?

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