Tsumeb BD Centre

Turning Ideas Into Impact

Are you a dreamer – ’A visionary whose ideas and level of belief are often deemed impractical?

Welcome to COSDEF Business Development Centres: a platform designed to equip emerging entrepreneurs & future innovators with the tools to explore the full-capacity of who they can become!

At COSDEF BD Centres, we:

  • Connect the dots – develop strategies to support entrepreneurial innovations that will produce positive economic and social outcomes.
  • Advance capacity – implement systems and provide training programmes designed to create pathways for entrepreneurs to reach their goals.
  • Create an impact- develop skills, improve livelihoods and empower individuals through the sharing of educational, social and capital resources.

It takes a lot of courage, planning and confidence to start a business. Our business development support services help our clients get ahead and accomplish their business goals. We organise sessions to elicit their greatest need and help them identify, start and run profitable businesses by providing business training courses, technical assistance and other support services, such as conducting of market surveys, quotations, and many more.

1,500+ Individuals Served Since 2015:

“We believe that education and entrepreneurship are the keys to uplifting socially & economically-disadvantaged communities… We believe that everyone should be equipped with the resources to explore the full range of their interests and professional ambitions… And we believe that through programs offered at our BD Centres, especially for the unemployed youth, we can empower communities to build and create “emerging” economies of innovation, wealth, & social impact!”

The success of this entrepreneurship development programme will contribute to achieving the aim of creating job opportunities for Namibians and national development in line with the aspiration of VISION 2030.