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Tukurenu Staff

Background of COSDEC Tukurenu, Rundu

COSDEC Tukurenu is a demand driven Training Centre situated in Rundu Kavango East. Tukurenu has been operating since 1999 providing vocational skills training to out-of-school youth and previously disadvantaged Namibians to improve the livelihood of the Community. Our vision is to establish equal opportunities for all Namibians through job empowerment with practical, employable, entrepreneurial and life skills training. COSDEC Tukurenu offers structured seven and ten month courses with job attachments, and a variety of short courses to community members according to the need of the community. After completing the seven month course, trainees will have acquired the skills of that trade, as well as micro enterprise skills to allow them to start their own business for those with entrepreneurial ambitions.

2018 National Courses
(Longer Courses)

  • Office Administration and Computing
  • Food Preparation and Serving
  • Joinery and Cabinet Making
  • Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication
  • Bricklaying and Plastering
  • Clothing Design and Textile Production

2018 Short Courses

  • Maintenance and Renovation
  • ICT
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Bead Work
  • Basket Weaving
  • Hairdressing
  • Sheet Metal
  • Jam Making
  • Radiator Repair
  • Domestic Employee
  • Roof Thatching
  • Driving School
  • Block and Brick Making
  • Pattern Making
  • Baking

Our Contact Details:

Centre Manager: Clemency Kafuro

Phone : +264-66-256889
Fax : +264-88-64-0841
Email :
Address : P.O. Box 2215, Rundu
Maria Mwengere road next to RVTC, Rundu, Namibia

Advisory Board

More About COSDEC Tukurenu Centre, Rundu

Mission of COSDEC Tukurenu


Long Term Strategic Interventions


Our mission is to offer demand driven training skills and support to out of school youth in the most cost effective manner with dignity, professionalism, and integrity.

This is achieved by:

  • Providing sustainable training with motivated and inspired staff.
  • Conducting regular studies to determine the viability and effectiveness of the training provided.
  • Establishing links with industry to broaden employment opportunities.

Our graduates then become either formal- or self-employed and/or can gain access to more advanced training at Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) or other
tertiary institutions. The expectation is that once these trained youth, and others, are equipped with relevant skills they will be more equipped to find income earning opportunities, compete in the local job market or engage in entrepreneurial income generating activities.

COSDEC Tukurenu was one of the four centres to open around the country in 1999. Since then, we have expanded and changed our course offerings, responding to the skills needs of the community and region over time. From just one course when the centre began, we now offer 8 structured courses, as well as short courses. The Millennium Challenge Account – Namibia, recognized the valuable service that COSDEC Tukurenu and the other centers were providing, recently constructed and/or upgraded COSDEC centers around the country, including COSDEC Tukurenu.

The centre has recently opened a new Business Development Centre to support local SME’s, micro enterprises and potential entrepreneurs. Tukurenu offer training in entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, costing and pricing, marketing and other key business skills. Tukurenu offers the courses at the new Centre next to RVTC in Rundu and also conduct rural outreach programming to bring these business skills to community members in villages in Kavango East and West as well as tailor made coursed according to the needs of the community. COSDEC Tukurenu also manages a driving school that generates income for the centre. COSDEC graduates in these high-demand trades will be able to find good-paying jobs or start their own small businesses as the housing industry in Namibia is growing quickly.

  • Expand the number of students we serve in our current structured courses by building additional workshop in different trades.
  • Build a hostel to accommodate students who do not live in Rundu
  • Open the incubation units and assist COSDEC graduates with starting and operating a business.
  • Implement a career centre, to ensure graduates have job placement assistance, as well as interview skills and professional resume.

Town: Rundu
Constituency: Rundu Urban
Region: Kavango East
Population of Rundu: 63,431 (2011 Census)
Target Region: Rundu Town and all constituencies in the region

Pictures of courses we offer: