Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Course

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Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Course

The programme is offered to people who want to obtain the skills and knowledge required to perform plumbing tasks. It includes communicating effectively with others as part of plumbing operations; using and maintaining power tools and machines; application of basic manual metal arc welding techniques; performing calculations related to plumbing operations; carrying out basic levelling; performing basic bricklaying and plastering and rendering tasks as part of plumbing operation; performing basic concreting; carrying out basic setting out; reading and interpreting basic building drawings; applying basic oxy-acetylene welding techniques; installing and adjusting water service controls and devices; installing water mains pipe system; setting out and installing water services; and demonstrate knowledge of HIV and AIDS in the workplace.

(7 – 10 months duration)
The Current National Courses – Plumbing and Pipe fitting
National Qualification Framework (NQF) based course

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17 Responses

  1. vaino nepute

    I would love to start studying at Cosdec in plumbing I have done a 3month course at Kayec of Plumbing and Pipefitting. can I be admitted and when is your next intake..?

  2. Anna-maria Matheus

    I’m very interested in ur school , I would like to study at your school this course, can I able to apply online as well . I’m very far from all the town that I can take the forms.

  3. Please I drop out from school second term of 2013 as grade nine, what are the requirements for the following courses:
    1. plumbing and pipe fitting
    2. food preparation
    3. welding and metal fabrication
    4. bricklaying and plastering

    looking forward to hearing from you soon



  4. ESTER

    Good day? i would like to know if there is still a chance for one to be admited this year if that person didnt apply for admsion last? I would also like to know the tutition fees for the courses. I will highly appreciate your response. Thanks

  5. iikuyu shaanika m

    good day ,hope you are doing fine ,its like I heard you guys are offering forklift driving training,if its like that ,don’t be hesitate to let me no more about it on my email,

  6. Name*

    I would like to know the fees of the following courses and when is the next intake

    1. plumbing and pipe fitting
    2. welding and metal fabrication
    3. bricklaying and plastering

    Thank you for the quick respond


  7. Jesaja Khamuxab

    I would like to do Fitter and Turner courses next year what are the requirements can you please e-mail me the details?

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