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Wednesday 01 Jul 2015
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Training Programmes being offered in 2014

  1. Bricklaying and Plastering
  2. Joinery and Cabinetmaking
  3. Food Preparation and Serving
  4. Glass Recycling
  5. Clothing and Textile Production
  6. Office Administration
  7. Plumbing and Pipefitting
  8. Welding and Fabrication
Contact details: Head of centre: Gabriel Kanyakwa Ondangwa COSDEC
Tel: 065-241227/0
Fax: 065-241228
Cell: 081 124 7151
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Physical address: 
Freedom Square street, Post office road - Ondangwa  
Postal address: Private Bag 77008, Ondangwa


Background of the Centre







Population of town in which you are located


Target Population ( Youth and Previously Disadvantaged)

Omusati-the most populated region, Ohangwena region, Oshana region and Oshikoto region

Interim Board Members

  1. Helena Amuthitu
  2. Paulinus Enkono
  3. Hendrik Amutenya
  4. Kanitus Ainima
  5. Julia Aktofel

Training Programmes been conducted over the years since inception


Woodwork, Bricklaying, Hospitality and Welding


Woodwork, Bricklaying, Hospitality and Welding


Woodwork, Bricklaying, Hospitality and welding


Needlework and Gravestone as additional courses that ran for the year


Building maintenance-additional course that replaced the Gravestone course.


Building maintenance, woodwork, Bricklaying, Hospitality, Needlework and Welding.


Woodwork, Bricklaying, Hospitality, Needlework ; Welding and Plumbing.


Woodwork, Bricklaying, Hospitality, Needlework ; Welding and Plumbing.


Woodwork, Bricklaying, Hospitality, Needlework and Welding and Plumbing, Office Administration  and Glass Recycling.


Woodwork, Bricklaying and Plastering, Hospitality, Needlework; Welding and Fabrications ; Plumbing, Office Administration and Glass Recycling.

Special projects

  • We are currently training the Ministry of Agriculture employees.
  • HIV-AIDS awareness for the community
  • Glass recycling production unit

Future Developments

COSDEC Ondangwa has a vision of Educating, empowering the youth and the community at large, to become independent Namibians. To be able to come up with their productive businesses that will contribute to the economy of this country and eradicating poverty and unemployment. An overall achievement will be to uplift their living standards by starting production units for all trades.

COSDEC Ondangwa will continue to implement the Mahangu Project on behalf of Ministry of Education.


Helena Amuthitu
Paulinus Enkono
Hendrik Amutenya
Kanitus Ainima
Julia Aktofel

Bricklaying and Plastering Class
Bricklaying and Plastering Class


Needlework Trainees

Welding and Fabrication Class
Welding and Fabrication Class

Office Administration and Computer Class
Office Administration and Computer Class