COSDEC Opuwo Centre Who We Are

Background of COSDEC Opuwo Centre

  • COSDEC started 18 years ago in a village called Orumana, 30km out of opuwo. It was then just a small center with few people and courses like Needlework, Welding and fabricating, Leatherwork and Electrical installation.
    Somewhere around 2000 COSDEC had to move to Opuwo as it would be in the capital of Kunene and closer to the community from all around town.

Between 2000 and 2006 COSDEC Opuwo introduced sheet metal, Hospitality, Plumbing and pipe fitting, woodwork and water pump and maintenance.

In 2013 a building was built for COSDEC opuwo through MCA, where by its currently operating from.

  • Success were that we finally got proper place and a building of our own, students flocked in to register for different courses. And getting the chance to work with different communities and around bringing people over to study at COSDEC.
  • The center is a helping hand to the development of the community as it really helps students get practical skills and knowledge. Students from COSDEC Opuwo get jobs around Opuwo, either it being through job attachments or after graduating, some of this students go out there and start up their own businesses and tenders around town. Like construction tenders or plumbing. Many of the students gets jobs immediately after training to serve the community through working in hotels and lodges this are now the hospitality trainees and this goes with the office admin students as well. In short we serve the community through the skills and knowledge passed on to the students than on to the community.
  • Courses that are in demand are the ones that we are currently offering, e.g hospitality, this is because most of the people around didn’t complete their school and with the certificate we offer they can get themselves jobs in lodges and hotels, for the love of cooking and the fact that most people get this hospitality jobs easier than the others. Office admin… this demand mostly come from young people as they want to persue their career in administrative work.
  • Some of the challenges we face come with job attachments. Yes there are trades that really get job attachments easily here and there. We get job attachments not only in opuwo but in other towns as well but the problem comes with accommodation for our students at places where they get job attachments. The other challenge is the center not having a hostel for its students, there are people from other towns who want to come study at COSDEC in Opuwo but because of no accommodation they cant.
  • The way forward- we strive to make this COSDEC a great helping hand to our community and accommodate and attract a great number of people in our community, around and all over. And strive for progress.

2018 National Courses
(Longer Courses)

  • General Construction (Bricklaying & Plastering)
  • Food Preparation and Serving
  • Office Administration
  • Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
  • Welding

2018 Short Courses
(2 week to 3 Months)

  • ICT
  • Bricklaying and Plastering
  • Basic English
  • Leaners Driving licence

Our Contact Details:

Centre Manager: Mrs Meriam Tjambiru

Phone : +264-65-273-322
Fax2Email : +264-88-645-044
Email :
Address : P.O box 228, Opuwo
Mbumbijazo Muharukua Street, Opuwo (opposite the Police Station)

Interim Board Members

More About COSDEC Opuwo Centre

Special Projects

Future Developments

About Opuwo

  • Computer classes – evening classes
  • Production unit for Making gun boxes for the community
Expansion of the Centre is predicted with the following training programmes:
  • Tour Guiding
  • Welding

Town: Opuwo
Constituency: Opuwo Urban
Region: Kunene
Population of Ondangwa: +/- 5,000
Target Population (Youth and Previously Disadvantaged): Kunene region