Bricklaying and Plastering Course

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Bricklaying and Plastering Course

The programme is offered to people who want to obtain the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of bricklaying and plastering tasks. This includes performing calculations, estimations and measurements related to bricklaying operations, carrying out levelling, excavation and setting out operations, building basic brick structures, performing basic rendering, plastering and concreting tasks and using plastering and concreting hand tools. In addition knowledge of HIV and AIDS in the workplace must be demonstrated.

(7 – 10 months duration)
The Current National Courses – Bricklaying and Plastering
National Qualification Framework (NQF) based course

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  1. Franz natangwe

    Pls I want to now more about registration fees and school payments in a course of welding and metal fabrication and also break layer and plastering

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